Thursday, 11 August 2016

Getting out and about walking with a pushchair and a baby

I'm always trying to find places to go and walk around that are doable with a pushchair. It's not straightforward as there is no one place to go for reference. A lot of footpaths are accessible but you don't know till you get there.Generally cycle paths, byways and bridle ways are ok but they often traverse roads too.  Doing a search for disused railway paths often brings up other ideas of places to stroll safely. I've also found these websites helpful when browsing for accessible places to walk (sorry only southeast as that's where I roam).

Walks with buggies
NCT Dorking walks
Accessible countryside Surrey
Accessible countryside Kent
Accessible countryside Sussex
Disabled access Sussex
Tunbridge Wells walks
Easy walks in Sussex
Penshurst-Tonbridge off road cycle route
East Grinstead-Groombridge off road cycle route

Anyway, I take the little guy for a walk in our local woods on a regular basis. In the early days it was for me - I needed to get out of the house during mat leave otherwise I would have gone mad. And there is something about woodland (and heathland and the coast!) that really settles my soul and makes me feel more at ease and content.
As my son gets older it's more to give him a change of scene. He loves woodland. He likes looking at all the leaves. And now he's running about independently there is a whole new dimension. 

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