Thursday, 18 February 2016


I'm a mother and a runner. But I know it's hard to be both. Mum Who Runs is all about my attempts to fit in fitness around my family. It aims to inspire other like-minded folk who may be trying to do the same.

Exercise forms part of my identity. I studied physiotherapy at university (though no longer practicing) and have run all distances big and small from 5km parkruns up to 150 miles of sandy desert in the Marathon des Sables (see my other blog Just a Jog). I love running so found it hard when I couldn't do as much as I wanted when pregnant and with a new baby. Bit of a double-edge sword too as I developed postnatal depression. With time, I was able to get back into running and it has certainly helped lift the black cloud.

I originally started this blog over two years ago before I had my first child. However I didn't quite realise quite how all-encompassing having a baby would be, and never had the time to keep it updated (nor had time to do much running). Now I'm seven months pregnant again, I'm not learning from my ways. But this time it will be different.

I hope it is useful for other mums or mums-to-be who love to exercise and keep fit, or may be suffering from postnatal depression and want to know how exercise can help make them feel more like them, and when the bloody hell they can find time to do any.

Thanks for reading!

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