Thursday, 18 February 2016

Pregnancy yoga

Pregnancy yoga is fantastic. It helps relieve any aches and pains you will probably have, and is great for preparing your body and mind for giving birth. When I was pregnant with Freddie I went to these London-based classes called Yoga Therapy London which were well worth it. As well as coming away feeling really relaxed and stretched out, I also learnt about different breathing techniques and positions to use during childbirth - and they did come into use.

This time round I googled all manner of search terms to try and find a pregnancy yoga class either near where I work or at home (we have moved since my first pregnancy - more on that at some point) but nothing really came up - either location was too far, or timings were not right. I decided to opt for a pregnancy video that I could do at home. I would still advise going to a class if you can. It's far more motivating, plus the teacher can correct your mistakes, and you may well meet some like-minded buddies too.

However if you are short of classes, time or money, a pregnancy yoga video can work nearly as well. I found these options to choose from;
Nadia Narain 
Tara Lee
Lesley Fightmaster (you tube)
Gaiam (you tube)

I went for Nadia Narain but there are many recommendations for Tara Lee as well. I find the Nadia Naraim video really good as it's split into 3x 20 minute sessions so you can chop and change around. I've found some pregnancy yoga sessions quite tame and I don't really feel that stretched afterwards, but Nadia's workouts do make me feel like I've had a good stretch. There are also great sections on visualisations, breathing techniques and relaxation.

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