Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Running during pregnancy

Before I got pregnant I was really into my running. I've competed over lots of distances (my favourite being 10km and half marathon) and also blogged about training for the marathon des sables in 2012. When I became pregnant I wasn't really sure what I was allowed to do. The NHS website states that if you ran pre pregnancy it is safe to carry on into pregnancy. What is not advisable is to take up running if you did not run before. Nor should you get too hot or over exert yourself. I thought I'd just see how I felt and carry on pottling about until it became too uncomfortable. I also started swimming more, began a prenatal yoga class and increased my gym sessions. I needed up not running at all during the first 12 weeks as I felt too crappy. When the barf fog passed I shuffled around 5-10km at a snail pace (though my urge to try and overtake other runners still held fast). By six months it felt too uncomfortable to jog, and I just felt a bit weird doing it. I knew it was safe but I just wasn't sure I wanted to jiggle the little one about so much. I know other runners do carry on right up to dropping so each to their own.

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