Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The first six weeks

I'll be honest. It's difficult to go to the toilet or brush your teeth, let alone start exercising again. Here is what I've managed so far; 1x half hour swim 1x half hour on stationary bike 1x half hour you tube postnatal workout Various walks out for half hour to an hour Pelvic floors every day when I remember Pulling in jelly belly every day when I remember Swimming was great but I felt a little lets say "loose" down there! Walking is getting easier. The first three weeks I felt completely wiped out so walking for five minutes was a challenge. No one needs to know the details of my labour but it's given my pelvic floors something to think about. I tried to do them during pregnancy but they are still pretty damaged now and I think it will take some time before I can run without my innards falling out. I was never expecting to do much during the first six weeks. It's not really advised either (plus it's hard finding the time). All that is encouraged is walking, pelvic floor exercises and gentle core and back work. And at the moment even managing those are enough for me!

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