Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Two years on....

I never made it very far at all with this blog two years ago. Being a first time mother took up more time than I thought. That said, I did manage to get back into some form of exercise. Nowhere near what I had the time for pre-children, but that's ok. Life is different. I am different and my body is different. I've had to adapt.
Since Freddie was born (Jan 2014) I managed to run:-
Bristol 10km May 2014 55:18
Titsey Trail 10km October 2014 51:20
Thames Meander Marathon March 2015 3:47
Raneleigh Harriers Richmond 10km June 2015 45:33

So I'm pleased with that.

Training for a marathon was hard mainly because of time limitations. I no longer have long free weekends to eat up the miles and run commutes are now taken up with train journeys and nursery drop offs rather than sneaking in a morning 10km.

Nevertheless I just about managed to do it justice, though it was noticeable I had no stamina. At 18 miles I hit the wall and had to walk.

The key to training when you have a toddler is to have a supportive network - in my case my husband. We would tag team looking after the little guy at weekends so long runs could be done (and recovery could be had in terms of sofa lazing afterwards!)

I didn't beat myself up if I missed a session. If I managed to run 3x week that was great.

We invested in a running buggy - which has been amazing. Ditto a treadmill, even better. When the little guy rests, I can still churn out the speed work sessions. No gym trips needed.

I'm now seven months pregnant again and hoping I do better this time to keep this blog up to date and keep fit. How hard can two under three be?!

I want to get back into running of course, but I also want to try out other ways to keep fit when you have kids. Swimming and yoga have been amazing to do during pregnancy and I want to get better at both these practices. 

I want to meet like-minded people and share and inspire others. Fitting in time for exercise when you have kids is hard but it is not impossible. Let's see what happens with baby round two. Ding ding!

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